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Consumer and Luxury

Alaris has a breath of experience in the consumer and luxury sector advising clients in domestic and international markets.

Consumer and Luxury Deals

The consumer and luxury market has seen significant change that's been accelerated through the Covid-19 pandemic.  In particular those business in the hospitality and retail sector, with a large real estate foot print, have been challenged the most.

Nevertheless, some businesses have adapted, focusing on online sales and an increased focus on marketing through social media channels.  Those retail businesses with a developed online offerings have managed to off set the impact of store closures with increased online sales.

Online sales have increased year on year from circa. 18% of retail sales in 2018 and sales accelerated through the Covid pandemic to circa. 30%.  As the pandemic stabilised online sales growth has moderated.

"Many , many thanks to Alaris for facilitating this deal with such professionalism, transparency and all with good humour."

Eddie Spear

Co-Owner, The Three Chimneys

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