Alaris works alongside Corporates, Private Equity businesses and Investment firms to carefully identify acquisition targets, providing an experienced Buy-side M&A capability.

Acquiring a Business

Alongside organic growth initiatives, value creating acquisition strategies play a key role in delivering profitable growth and superior financial returns for Corporate, Private Equity funds (primarily in the small & mid-size buy-out sector) and other Investment firms. In the current favourable deal-making environment, with abundant availability of capital, low interest rates and high investor expectations, this is more so now than ever.

Common Characteristics

Acquisitions can prove attractive for a multitude of reasons but in our experience the most successful are underpinned by common characteristics:

  • A strong strategic rationale – a compelling deal thesis, rigorously researched and tested, explaining how the deal will add value both to the target and to the acquiring company; acquisitions succeed if they support a company’s strategy

  • Excellent deal execution – including accurate valuation to avoid overpaying and effective due diligence processes

Effective post-acquisition integration – planned from the earliest stages, clearly communicated and where key value driving initiatives are executed quickly.

In short, making the right acquisitions, in the right way and at the right price.

Our Experience

On the Buy-side Alaris works alongside Corporates, Private Equity businesses and Investment firms to carefully identify acquisition targets, providing an experienced Buy-side M&A capability on a flexible basis to supplement in-house teams.

Our experience covers a wide range of deal types including deals focused strongly on performance improvement; deals to enter new markets, access new distribution channels and to secure new technologies and capabilities; cross border deals where our links to the Oaklins international network is a key enabler; scale-based consolidation plays where cost synergies are a priority and buy-and-build strategies in fragmented markets.

How we work with you

On the Buy-side we work closely with clients across the entire transaction lifecycle, from objective setting, through target identification, to deal completion:

  • We work first to understand your strategy, objectives and precise acquisition criteria; only then do we conduct in-depth search and screening processes to identify attractive acquisition targets, developing financial and operational profiles for each to assess the strategic fit

  • Then, with your approval, we establish contact with relevant decision makers to solicit initial indications of interest, before narrowing discussions to those parties who best meet your objectives

  • As the M&A process progresses, we work with you to formulate offers, to manage negotiations and orchestrate due diligence programmes all the way through to deal completion.


Alaris can help in accelerating acquisition strategy plans as your outsourced Corporate Development partner, assisting you in making the right acquisitions on a proactive rather than opportunistic basis, enabling you to do the right deals, in the right way and at the right price; completing this cost effectively, without “staffing-up” internally; and through the knowledge and experience we gain working with you, access to a resource that can repeat the process again and again.

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