Our accumulated experience in private company sales across a broad range of industries in the UK has given us a strong understanding of the value of a company to a purchaser.

The Alaris Company Valuation Service is designed to:

  • Understand a purchaser’s approach to company valuation
  • Recognise the value achievable in the event of a sale

In addition, our market presence and ongoing company sale activities provide us with a continuous insight into market pricing and valuations.

All businesses and companies have unique features. In some cases these can have a material bearing on value – for example:

  • A piece of technology, IP or know-how that is a key competitive advantage
  • A business where a single customer represents a high proportion of turnover

Alaris understands the need to gain a deeper insight into these important business attributes to provide an accurate valuation.

To gather the right business information each valuation includes:

  • Analysis of the company, including statutory and management accounts
  • A meeting at our offices in central London to discuss the business in further detail
  • Post meeting, a formal valuation report is prepared and then sent to the client



Terms & Conditions

All information provided to Alaris will be held in strict confidence and will, upon request, be returned or deleted from folders following completion of the service. Alaris will provide a confidentiality undertaking to companies applying for the Company Valuation Service prior to the release of confidential information. This service is intended for companies with an annual turnover of £1 million or greater.

Prior to commencement, a formal engagement proposal will be submitted to the client setting out the services to be provided and the basis of fees. The services to be provided to a prospective client and the basis, terms and conditions for Alaris Capital doing so will be subject to and governed solely by this formal engagement proposal. Alaris reserves the right not to provide this service when requested or to cease immediately its provision in the course of the service being provided, at any time and at its sole discretion, without liability.