Accountancy Firms

As a well-established Accountancy Firm, you have established trusted relationships with a wide range of clients over many years.  When these clients start planning an Exit Strategy – perhaps having received an unsolicited approach from a potential buyer; when key growth milestones have been achieved; or with a retirement sale in mind – many will turn first to you for advice and guidance on how best to proceed. 

At Alaris, we partner regularly with Accountancy Firms to provide a comprehensive Company Sales and M&A service capability.  Importantly for our partners, this complementary service enables them to compete with the extensive in-house M&A services of larger competitors, to generate new income streams and to underpin and extend valuable long-standing client relationships. 

Alaris is focused on offering specialist M&A expertise and support to businesses that have annual sales revenues of between £2 and £20 million, a recognised differentiator compared to other M&A providers and one that our partners recognise as very relevant to their client base. 

Working together

Our partnerships with Accountancy Firms can take a variety of forms – from informal to formal and from preferred supplier to white-label type arrangements with Alaris operating under your own brand – but whatever structure is adopted, our core ethos prevails:

  • We recognise that this is your client and whomever you entrust to them must demonstrate the same partner-led approach as yourselves. 
  • By focusing all our resources on a small number of high quality businesses, we’re able to provide you and your clients with the service they deserve, with a hands-on approach they can depend on.
  • And we ensure that your role in the sale process is front and centre, working hand-in-hand with us throughout to prepare the business for sale, providing financial information, tax planning advice, business forecasts and other due diligence requirements.

Benefits of Working with Alaris

Alaris is a specialist in company sales with an extensive track record of successful transactions in the UK SME market (business with annual sales revenues of between £2 and £20 million).  For the Accountancy firms that we work with, our services are wholly complementary – there are no conflicts, for example (unlike the larger accounting groups) we do not offer accountancy, tax or financial or legal due diligence services.

Alaris provides discreet M&A services, principally to UK SMEs.  We also regularly carry out work for overseas groups looking to invest in the UK. 

Alaris is an independent, entrepreneurial business.  The team is led by experienced, professional advisers and all client projects are partner-led.

Our uniquely close ties with Cavendish ( and the member firms of an International M&A Group allows us to seamlessly bring together internationally based M&A resources and specialist sector knowledge for the benefit of your clients. We have developed an extended international reach, which is reflected in the diversity of buyers we can bring into client transactions.

In addition to our core lead-advisory M&A advisory services, Alaris can also provided complementary pre-transaction planning and valuation services (for both UK company sales and acquisitions).

Promoting our Partnership

To promote our partnership we will work with you to build awareness within your client base about how together we can help to prepare businesses for sale and execute exit strategies.   We’ll can participate in or manage seminars for your clients, provide engaging content for your website and other marketing communications channels and meet face-to-face with clients to understand their businesses and explain the sale process and best ways to ensure a successful result. 

And mirroring our arrangements with existing Introducers, we’ll put in place a formal referral arrangement so you share in the fees we receive at deal completion.

If you’d like to find out more about Partner Programme, please contact us.